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Hozelock Irrigation

Hozelock Irrigation

At Easy Watering, we stock a great range of Hozelock watering products. drip irrigation products and automatic watering systems. Why not look at installing a Hozelock water timer and Hozelock automatic watering kit to water your garden whilst you are away on holiday or just as an everyday system? Hozelock irrigation products, as well as tools and accessories,are available online at Easy Watering, where you can save money and have goods delivered directly to your door. In order to learn more about the advantages of an automatic watering system please visit our planning section.

Install a Hozelock watering system today and save both time and money as well as keeping your garden looking green and healthy. Whether you’re just looking for a simple system to water a few pots when you’re away on holiday, or a fully automated system, then we have the products to allow you to manage the watering of your garden effectively and quickly. As well as Hozelock, we also provide products from other brands such as Claber and we always strive to bring a comprehensive selection of irrigation products at the best prices. Be sure to browse our full collection and buy online today.

ABC Guide to Automatic Watering

ABC Guide to Automatic Watering

The installation of an Automatic Watering is as simple as ABC, just follow the steps below to install a simple automated watering system that takes the strain out of watering your garden.

The system is connected to your garden tap directly, using a Pressure Regulator, Nut and Tail adapter or via a Timer. The use of a Tap Splitter allows you to use your tap without having to disconnect your system.
Read more of our ABC Guide to Automatic Watering

Lawn Pop-Up Sprinklers

Lawn Pop-Up Sprinklers

Lawn Pop-Up Sprinklers are a simple and easy
to install system that takes away the hassle of
unreeling your garden hose, connecting the sprinkler
and remembering to turn it on and off again.

The Pop-Up sprinklers are installed flush with
the earth and pop-up under pressure, ranging
from a simple 360 degree sprinkler to a more
sophisticated strip and even a square nozzle system.
View our Pop-Up Sprinklers