Main / Micro Supply Hose

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As irrigation and watering specialists, Easy Watering brings you a great selection of main and micro supply hoses.

The main hose pipe is used to carry and distribute the water to the various parts of your gardens and greenhouses. Robust enough to withstand the rigours of tough gardening yet still highly flexible, our main supply hose are 16mm external and 13mm internal and are compatible with all major brands. In addition, the hose can be installed below ground if required and ranges from 15m to 100m.

In contrast, our micro supply hose is 6mm external and 4mm internal and its function is to connect things such as sprinklers and drippers to the main hose pipe. As with the main hose, the micro hose is also compatible with all the major brands and is typically available in 30m and 50m. Be sure to browse our full range online and buy today.