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Claber Orto Drip Kit

Claber Orto Drip Kit

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An immediate and complete solution to create a drip irrigation system in the home garden, it includes everything you need: manifold tube, adjustable drippers and accessories. It is possible to regulate the amount of water for each individual crop, depending on the climate, the soil and the needs of the plants, obtaining the best results in the vegetable garden and saving precious water , watering only where and how much is needed. The system can be connected to a Claber battery electronic programmer and is expandable over time with the products of the Rain Jet line.

Designed for do-it-yourself Annaffia up to 60 plants Adjustable flow for the needs of every type ofplant Instructions on the packaging Kit ready to use to better irrigate the domestic crop, regulating the flow and adapting it to the needs of the plants. 

It contains the complete fittings for the construction of 6 irrigation zones, to irrigate up to 60 plants with adjustable drippers (40 end of line and 20 sprinklers) and 25 m of collector pipe. Extendable to taste. The kit includes: 

1 collector tube 25m (3291) 1 tap connector 3/4 (8627) 1 automatic connection (91009) 6 - manifold tap (91280) 7 corner connector (91081) 11 - three-way connector (91071) 12 - collector cap (91086) 35 collector post (91090) 1 perforated punch (91185) 10 - cap forcapillary (91170) 40 - end-of-line dripper 0/10 l / h (91214) 20 - droplet dripper 0/40 l / h (91232)

Product Code: 90767

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