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An automatic watering system takes the work out of watering - it waters your plants properly all through the season, and keeps the amount of water you use in the garden tightly under control. It consists of a network of pipes that carry water around the garden, and tiny water outlets that deliver the water directly to your plants. Used in conjunction with an electronic timer, which attaches directly to your outside tap, the system will run itself, watering as often and for as long as you choose.

The system is simple to install and requires minimal maintenance. Most systems can be installed in a few hours, and can be extended as your garden grows.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, you'll find that an automatic watering system helps you to manage your garden much more easily, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you want, rather than the things you have to do.

Pots, hanging baskets & containers require daily watering to ensure beautiful results. With an automatic watering system, you don't have to remember to water. The system will do it for you - at the right time every day!

Going away on holiday? Reluctant to entrust your tomato plants to the care of a neighbour or friend? Relax in the knowledge that the system is taking care of the job for you.

On a water meter and keen to keep costs down? With an automatic watering system, you can water quickly and efficiently while ensuring that all the water goes directly to your plants and that none is wasted.

How Much Water Could I Save

In light of the recent hosepipe ban, many of us have now realised the importance of conserving water, water butts have been installed throughout many gardens and its a great way to use water that is otherwise wasted.

An automated Irrigation system or micro irrigation system as they are sometimes called allows you to water all of your garden at the same time, this allows for the water to be distributed onto the areas as needed and reduces the water used.

Just think if it takes you an hour to water your garden and you have 60 plants, then that is1 minute per plant. With an automated system you can water 60 plants at the same time, therefore you only need one minutes worth of water. This obviously is not always true but its perfectly feasible to water the plants in 5 or 10 minutes, this saves you 50 minutes of water, this could be as much as 175 gallons of water every time you water your garden

"Save Over 175 Gallons of Water Per Week"

About Us

The founders of Easy Watering spent a lot of time watering their gardens and were always worried about the time taken and the inconvenience of the whole scenario. There was first the act of unraveling the hose and then having to put it all away, and the only time they had to do this was during the weekend when they should be enjoying their garden, not watering it.

In light of this Easy Watering was formed, the idea is simple, create an automatic and flexible system that will allow for easy watering of your garden with the added advantage of the system being able to water your plants when your away from you home. The added advantage of enabling your greenhouse, tubs, baskets and hedges also to be watered allows for time to enjoy the fruits of your work, and not for you to spend all your effort in just keeping them alive.