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Drip Irrigation Kit 40 Dripper

Drip Irrigation Kit 40 Dripper

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Here at Easy Watering we have put our wealth of knowledge on the subject of dripirrigation systems to good use and bring you the perfect pack to get you started with installing a watering system for yourself. Let us present the Drip Irrigation Kit 40Dripper, a comprehensive kit that includes all the parts needed to get a drip system of your own set up quickly and easily. Once installed, this kit will save you both a lot of time and a lot of water compared to using a hose pipe.

This kit comes with everything required to water up to 40 plant containers or 20 metres of hedging and can be easily extended if you so wish. Included in this kit is a professional pressure regulator, 25 metres of main supply pipe, 20 metres of micro supply pipe, 40 high quality pressure compensating stake drippers (ideal for quick and easy installation), a variety of connectors to take the pipe around your garden and fixings to help secure the pipe in place. We have also created an in depth set of instructions to help clearly guide you through installation.

You can also automatically control this watering system by adding a watering timer, which can be purchased separately. This is ideal for when you go away on holidays or even better, can be used for controlling the activation on a daily basis to save you even more time. 

Product Summary
This kit can provide precise watering for:

  • 40 Small containers
  • 20 Large containers 
  • 20m of Hedge
  • 10m x 2m of Border

This kit comprises of the following items:

  • Pressure regulator and tap connector- To control the pressure into the dripirrigation system
  • 25 metres of main supply pipe - main carrier of water around garden 
  • 20 metres of micro supply pipe - spurs off from main supply to feed eachdripper
  • 40 x Asta Stake pressure compensating drippers - regulates release of water to the plants
  • 40 x Micro tube adapters - to make connection from main supply pipe to micro supply 
  • 10 x Wrap over support stakes - for anchoring main supply pipe to soil 
  • 10 x each; main and micro supply wall clips
  • 4 x Elbow connector - to turn corners for main supply pipe 
  • 2 x T Connector - to split main supply pipe in two directions
  • 3 x Stop End Connectors -To cap off the ends of the main supply pipe
  • 10 x Micro blanking plugs, for fixing any holes in the main supply pipe
  • Irrigation hole punch - tool required to make connection from main supply to micro supply pipe
  • 5 x Micro T connectors - for splitting micro supply in two directions if required

Please note this product is not supplied in a labeled box

Product Code: SA-9902

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