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Soaker Hose

The concept of a soaker hose or 'leaky pipe' might appear somewhat alien to a non-gardener, but it actually works and makes real sense to the gardening connoisseur. The hose or pipe is purposely designed to leak water along its entire length.

The idea is for water to slowly leak from the length of hose and to deliver slow and deep watering to areas such as borders, beds and patches of vegetables. This technique allows gardeners to water larger areas but use less water. There aren’t any holes in the pipe but the hose itself is porous. Generally used underneath the soil, the leaky pipe also works above ground.

Although results are still good with longer hoses, such as the 50 metre, it is generally found that the soaker hose system works better with shorter lengths of pipe, such as the 7.5 metre. Available at Easy Watering in 13mm and also a 4mm micro soaker hose, which is suitable for smaller areas, you’ll find everything you need in our wide selection.

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