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Soaker Hose 100 Metre 13mm

Soaker Hose 100 Metre 13mm

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Soaker Hose: This is a porous hose which leaks along its entire length; this provides a deep soaking action. This can either be buried in the ground or laid on top and is ideal for borders, hedges, vegetable patches or anywhere where you have a large line of plants. This can be connected directly to the main supply hose and needs no converters just a straight joiner. Please use main hose connections with this hose.

Product Details:

  • Provides a deep soaking/watering action
  • Easy to Cut and join lengths together.
  • Ideal for borders, hedges and long runs
  • Can be connected or adapted using the various main supply hose connectors, elbows, tee, stops and joiners.
  • Can be buried

Product Code: 9204

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