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Rainbird Xeri-Pops Micro-Spray Pop-Up SQ-HLF

Rainbird Xeri-Pops Micro-Spray Pop-Up SQ-HLF

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The Rain Bird Xeri Pop 4" Pop-Up Microspray\'s provide precise and efficient watering for small areas with dense planting. Spray pattern is a square shape (choice of quarter, half or full) with edge to edge coverage which provides easy installation and accurate watering for small areas. A 4mm micro supply pipe can be readily connected to the inlet at the base of the Xeri-pop; the flexibility of the micro-tubing allows the Xeri-pop to be easily positioned and re-positioned as planting conditions dictate. Spray distance can be easily changed from 0.8m to 1.2m with just a single turn of the head. Pressure compensation in the nozzle delivers uniform flow and coverage

  • Square spray pattern (Half square spray)
  • Either 0.8m or 1.2m spray from head
  • Pressure compensating nozzle
  • 4mm micro supply inlet for flexibility

Product Code: RBXP400X+RBXPCNHLF

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